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5' 9"


Killed in 1947 A.D




Militant Colonel

  • Colonel Choi
  • Yin
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    Behind the scenes
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    The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

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    The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor


    crushed by giant wooden gears


    Jessey Meng

    Colonel Choi was a Chinese militant colonel that served in a para-militant Chinese regiment which intended to bring back the Emperor Han, dying in the process of achieving the regiment’s goal.


    Colonel Choi served alongside other troops with the belief that the Emperor could bring the nation of China back to its former glory before the Second World War had ravaged much of it.


    The car had been blown up by the force of the bomb, but Choi and Yang had managed to escape it in time and the two had caught up with Evelyn and Lin, attacking them while they were in a chamber filled with giant wooden gears. Choi pursued Lin with the intent of attacking her but Lin had successfully staved her off; soon after, Yang had stumbled into a giant set of wooden gears that began to pulverise him. Choi rushed forward to pull him out but Yang shouted out to her to leave him; Choi refused, her love too powerful, and tugged at her lover and commanding officer fruitlessly as the two were both crushed to death by the gears.

    Personality and TraitsEdit

    Colonel Choi was a cold, calculating woman who remained indifferent of the suffering of others who opposed either her or the militant group which she worked for. Performing tasks such as cutting Evelyn to obtain her blood with a detached coldness, Choi showed no remorse when asked to cause pain onto others. Despite her brusque manner, Choi was capable of love and compassion, harbouring a romantic involvement with her superior officer, General Yang.

    A young Chinese woman, Choi dressed in a dark-green militaristic uniform complete with black gloves and an officer’s cap, which she rarely removed, showing her long black hair, which was kept tied in a tight bun. A long, thin scar ran from Choi’s left eyebrow down to her upper lip, which was constantly fixed with a defiant sneer.


    Behind the ScenesEdit

    Colonel Choi was portrayed by Jessey Meng.

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