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"He That Shall Not Be Named..."

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Mrs. Carnahan
Biographical information



600px-EgyptianFlag.svg Egyptian


Howard Carnahan (husband)
Jonathan Carnahan (son)
Evelyn Carnahan (daughter)
Rick O'Connell (son-in-law)
Alex O'Connell (grandson)

Behind the scenes
First appearance

The Mummy(Mentioned only)

Latest appearance

The Mummy(Mentioned only)



...he married my mother, who was an Egyptian, and quite an adventurer herself.

Evelyn Carnahan, The Mummy

This woman was the mother of Evelyn and Jonathan Carnahan and the wife of Howard Carnahan. Her features had passed onto Evelyn, and was known to have been, along with her husband, the finest patrons of the Cairo Museum until their untimely deaths in a plane crash, said to be caused by the curse of a mummy that Howard had helped find. According to her daughter, Mrs. Carnahan was an adventurer and a woman of beauty.

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