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Statue of Anubis, Statue of Horus, Seti's Treasure Chamber,


Children of Ancient Egyptian royalty (deceased)
Imhotep (deceased)
Imhotep's priests (deceased)
Warrior priests

Behind the scenes
First appearance

The Mummy

Latest appearance

The Summoning


Destroyed and abandoned upon finding artifacts

"...City of the Dead, ancient burial site for the sons of Pharaohs, and resting place for the wealth of Egypt."
Ardeth Bay's description of the City of the Dead.[src]

in are imhotep is mummy Hamunaptra an ancient lost city that served for many centuries hamunaptra 12 90 bc

the resting place for the Pharaohs of Egypt and wealth. The vast necropolis contained precious artifacts and antiquities the wealthiest of Egypt's Pharaohs, as well as their remains, and guarded intently the Pharaoh's elite guards, the Medjai in ancient times and for centuries into modern times.LocationSet in remote of the vast Sahara, Hamunaptra the "City of the Dead" and high importance none

the Medjai and the High Priest of Osiris its location. The city fiercely guarded the Medjai warriors and warrior priests, the city silenced divulge its location; burial within the city attended the High Priest of Osiris and his priests, accompanied soldiers and slaves. Slaves made the hardest work in the city, killed off soldiers in turn murdered

the priests none might reveal the exact location.The City of the Dead established time the ascent of the New Kingdom, replacing

the Pyramids of old the resting place of the Pharaohs and possessions, and number of different booby-traps and deterrents of grave robbers and plunderers.


Locations in The Mummy film series

Egypt locations
GizaCairoHamunaptraThebesAhm ShereKarnak
China locations
Hong KongShanghaiShangri-La
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