...City of the Dead, ancient burial site for the sons of Pharaohs, and resting place for the wealth of Egypt.

Ardeth Bay's description of the City of the Dead., The Mummy

Hamunaptra was an ancient lost city that served for many centuries as the resting place for the Pharaohs of Egypt and their wealth. The vast necropolis contained precious artifacts and antiquities from the wealthiest of Egypt's Pharaohs, as well as their remains, and was guarded intently by the Pharaoh's elite guards, the Medjai in ancient times and for centuries into modern times


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Destruction and rediscoveryEdit

Following Imhotep being cursed with the Hom-Dai and the subsequent collapse of Hamunaptra, the city lay buried for many years, secluded beneath the sand. In 1923, an excavation of the ruins begun and the body of Imhotep was located near the Statue of Anubis, along with the Book of the Dead and the Book of Amun-Ra.


Locations in The Mummy film series

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GizaCairoHamunaptraThebesAhm ShereKarnak
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