Jonathan Carnahan
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English / 600px-EgyptianFlag.svg Egyptian

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5' 10"


Howard Carnahan (father)
Evelyn Carnahan's mother (mother)
Evelyn O'Connell (sister)
Alexander O'Connell (nephew)
Rick O'Connell (brother-in-law)




Uncle Jon

Weapon(s) owned

Spear of Osiris
Derringer gun
Bren machine gun

Behind the scenes
First appearance

The Mummy

Latest appearance

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor


John Hannah
Tom Kenny (voice)
James Horan (voice)

Knowing my brother-in-law, he probably deserves whatever you're about to do to him...

Rick O'Connell to Meela Nais regarding Jonathan., The Mummy Returns

Jonathan Carnahan was the son of Howard Carnahan, brother of Evelyn Carnahan, brother-in-law of Rick O'Connell, and uncle of Alexander O'Connell. A clever man with an eye for treasure and wealth, Jonathan accompanied his sister and brother-in-law on digs and explorations from time to time, often causing some problems for others.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Jonathan was a man that was well known for taking little seriously, cracking jokes whenever he felt the need to and playing an occasional prank on those who suspected it least. A man who was susceptible to naivete in some instances, Jonathan well known by some, including his sister, to be a dilettante in his profession and a fraud in Egyptology; his knowledge on treasures and the pursuits of such, however, were as advanced as could be. The consummate playboy in his later years, Jonathan had learned nothing from his past experiences and continued to be as naive as ever, taking women to his brother-in-law's mansion, claiming it to be his.

As skittish as he often appeared, Jonathan had proven his capability. While not a fierce fighter such as Rick or as knowledgeable as his sister Evelyn, Jonathan had had his fair share of contribution to the protection of his family and victories over the undead Imhotep and Dragon Emperor. In fact, some of his accomplishments include being able to use the Book of the Dead to control the mummified guards to slay Anck-Su-Namun, shot a Cultist saving Ardeth's life and most importantly: helping Alex resurrect Evelyn.

A tall, thin Englishman with blue eyes and brown hair, Jonathan sported, when on explorations or digs, the clothing typical of a English man in the foreign countries: a cream-coloured jacket and shirt, along with a set of matching knickerbocker trousers, blue ascot and plus-two stockings. One gold ring was worn at times, a pith helmet was sometimes worn with Jonathan's ensemble, and when in such a setting as Cairo, Jonathan would wear a necktie instead of an ascot and hiking shoes in place of his spectator shoes. While in the city of Cairo, Jonathan's cream-coloured jacket bore pinstripes, and when in the field, searching for artifacts, Jonathan wore a plain light jacket. During the summer of 1933, Jonathan wore the same lightly-coloured jacket as he had, but instead of a cream shirt, he wore a blue one, and his trousers were brown; Jonathan wore shoes instead of plus-twos. Years later, in settings such as London or Hong Kong, Jonathan wore extravagant forms of evening wear.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Jonathan Carnahan was portrayed by actor John Hannah in all three "Mummy" films and was voiced by Tom Kenny in the animated series. In the The Mummy Returns video game, Jonathan was voiced by James Horan.

While filming The Mummy Returns, John Hannah was given instructions by the directors to not change his portrayal of Jonathan from the first film, in the hopes that it would make him appear as naive as always.

Jonathan's status as a Fox-and-Hounds Grand Champion varies with the source given: in the film The Mummy Returns, Jonathan boasted that he was named champion five times, while in the film novelisation, Jonathan cites that he was name champion three times.


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