King Minos
Biographical information

GreeceMap Greek




Zeus (father)
Europa (mother)
Androgeos (son)
Pasiphae (wife)
Acacallis (daughter)
Ariadne (daughter)
Phaedra (daughter)


King of Knossos (Former)

Behind the scenes

Mentioned only, by Ari, in Scorpion King 2.

King Minos was the anceint ruler of Greece. King Minos was believed to be the son of Zeus.

History Edit

Minos was housed in the great palace of Knossos. According to Greek Mythology, he received laws from Zeus, himself and used to remain with Zeus, with/for nine years. King Minos, was recognized as a ruler of peace, until his son, Androgeos, got killed by a bull. King Minos avenged his son, by conquering Athens. On the demand of King Minos, Zeus struck Athens the torment of plague, hunger and thirst. A certain Oracle, proclaimed to the Athenians to meet the demands of King Minos to escape their deadly fate. King Minos, asked for six boys or sevel girls to Crete every nine years as a sacrifice to the Minotaur. King Minos failed to sacrifice a certain bull for the God of Seas, who as a punishment, made Minos's wife fall in love with the bull, whom with she gave birth the Minotaur. King Minos, had a certain liking for the beast and held it in supreme praise. Minos was later killed in Silcily, by the daughters of Daedalus, the architect of Minotaur's Labyrinth. After his death, he is believed to have become the judge of the Underworld.

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