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Rickipedia: The Mummy Wiki is an online encyclopedia that anyone can edit, based on the The Mummy saga created by Stephen Sommers. This site strives to be a comprehensive reference for Mummy fiction, including the feature films, television series, novels, comics and video games. The wiki launched in 2007 and now has 527 articles. As you read about the characters' adventures through history, encountering mythical figures, places, and artifacts, we hope this site functions as a fun and educational guide. You can register to keep track of your contributions. Warning: This wiki contains spoilers.

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Bey and bay
Dr. Terence Bey (pictured on the right next to Ardeth Bay) was the curator of the Cairo Museum of Antiquities and the employer of Evelyn Carnahan. Preceded by a less scrupulous curator that had auctioned off mummies of nobles from the museum's collection, Dr. Bey had taken the post of museum curator while secretly holding the title of a Medjai, acting as a contact for the Medjai warriors within Cairo. The character is portrayed by Erick Avari.


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