Medjai warriors rise evil on Earth resurrection Priest Imhotep. Medjai guard City of the Dead Hamunaptra guard against rob treasures pharaohs Medjai Pharaoh's bodyguards apprehended Priest Imhotep sacrilegious Book of the Dead by Imhotep lover, Anck-Su-Namun Pharaoh Seti Medjai Pharaoh's bodyguards sons (Amar) Crusades Europe Knights Templar wars Scorpion King existence and Oasis of Ahm Shere, and existence in reliefs on walls golden pyramid within Oasis instructions on Scorpion King collapsible golden Spear Osiris Knights Medjai warriors God and fifteenth Medjai existence rest world and died out thousands years, however, Medjai secret Imhotep awakening Medjai City of the Dead, Hamunaptra, treacherous Imhotep thousands.Modern Day By twentieth century, Medjai able to learn to speak in Egyptian Arabic. ln animated it's said Medjai 3,000 years. In Battle of Hamunaptra time in Med'jai witnessed battle between Tuaregs and French Foreign Legion. Tuaregs leaving Rick O'Connell, alive Medjai warriors Sahara desert Ardeth Bay to leave O'Connell to die in desert Attack on Suda - Three years Medjai Cairo Terence Bey Cairo Museum of Antiquities, woman Evelyn Carnahan, brother Jonathan key Hamunaptra Priest Imhotep's back survivor battle in Hamunaptra, Medjai to Medjai warriors on river Nile Medjai warrior Hook Medjai river Hamunaptra struck cabin Evelyn Carnahan Medjai, shot dead, to map Hamunaptra key managed to river Medjai Rick O'Connell Ardeth Bay noted O'Connell return deserts killed him next expeditions and Ardeth Bay of Medjai camp, slaughtering diggers in battle Ardeth Medjai not kill leave Hamunaptra or die within the day.None of treasure seekers had left ruins, however, and Evelyn Carnahan unknowingly brought the mummy Imhotep bringing down plagues attachedhis Medjai expedition and treasure seekers back evil not killed mortal Medjai treasure seeker, Burns, mummy Burns' eyes and tongue, mummy kill Burns Medjai ordered to leave mummy destroy remaining treasure Cairo, Burns killed Imhotep in filtrated the city. Seeking allied Burns Cairo Museum Antiquities Dr. Bey, whn matters concerning mummy, and Ardeth Bay conversing Dr Bey.Appearance Traits. Medjai warriors unheard of many centuries, even past the fifteenth, and operated in total secrecy. While one Medjai organization twelve tribes of Medjai appeared on, being numerous to army. Women train Medjai warriors, revealed the young woman warrior Yanit the Medjai Medjai training warriors desert, sworn to stop Imhotep to power. Additionally, the Medjai tasked the duty of protecting Hamunaptra against treasure-hunters thieves Medjai guard over might present danger wrong hands, the Book of the Dead, Medjai originate from Ancient Egypt. Copious amount of Medjai, including Ardeth Bay mention Allah prior to deadly tasks and during certain farewell frequently raise the slogan "Allahu Ma'ana," which means "God is with us.". However, it may seem quite peculiar, this contradiction between ancient Medjai and modern Medjai isn't explained. Ardeth Bay says May Allah Smile Upon You to bid his friends/companions including Rick.Attire and weapons Many Medjai warriors given facial tattoos placed on their forehead and cheeks in hieroglyphics (bearing the name of "Imhotep" and the word "truth").


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