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"We are part of an ancient secret society. For over three thousand years we have guarded the City of the Dead. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our part to stop the High Priest Imhotep from being reborn into this world."
Terence Bey explaining the Medjai's goals.[src]

The Medjai are warriors devoted to preventing the rise of evil on the Earth, specifically, the resurrection High Priest Imhotep. The Medjai guard the ruins of the City of the Dead Hamunaptra, to guard against anyone who might the curse or rob the treasures of the pharaohs.

History Edit

Medjai Logo Animated Series

Medjai Logo in the Animated Series.

The Medjai are the Pharaoh's ancient bodyguards apprehended the High Priest Imhotep the sacrilegious Book of the Dead. His lover, Anck-Su-Namun of Pharaoh Seti I the animated the Medjai of the Pharaoh's bodyguards sons (Amar).

During the Holy Crusades of Europe, the Knights Templar the wars learned of the Scorpion King's existence and the Oasis of Ahm Shere, and existence in the bas-reliefs on the walls of the golden pyramid within the Oasis, depicting instructions on the Scorpion King's collapsible golden spear, the Spear of Osiris.

The Knights the Medjai warriors of God and protectors of mankind at the fifteenth century A.D, the Medjai deleted of existence the rest of the world and presumed died out. After the passing of thousands of years, however, the Medjai secret Imhotep awakening. The Medjai the City of the Dead, Hamunaptra, the treacherous Imhotep entombed for thousands of years.

Modern Day Edit

By the twentieth century, the Medjai had been able to learn to speak in Egyptian Arabic. ln the animated it's said the Medjai around for 3,000 years. In the Battle of Hamunaptra Sometime in 1923, the Med'jai witnessed battle between horde of Tuaregs and garrison of the French Foreign Legion. The Tuaregs leaving one man, Rick O'Connell, alive to wander the deserts aimlessly. The Medjai warriors the Sahara desert leader Ardeth Bay deciding to leave O'Connell to die in the desert.

Attack on the Suda - Three years later, the Medja Cairo named Terence Bey,the curator for the Cairo Museum of Antiquities, woman named Evelyn Carnahan, brother Jonathan the key of Hamunaptra the High Priest Imhotep's back the survivor of the battle in Hamunaptra, the Medjai the aware of to reach the ruins.Several Medjai warriors dispatched on the river Nile the Medjai warrior Hook hook-shaped blade The Medjai the riverboat the seekers of Hamunaptra and struck the cabin of Evelyn Carnahan Medjai, shot dead, failing to retrieve the map to Hamunaptra and the key. However, managed to sink the riverboat. Failure The Medjai surreptitiously tracking the expedition Rick O'Connell Ardeth Bay noted O'Connell strong to return the deserts after killed him The next day,the expeditions reached the ruins and Ardeth Bay of Medjai to invade the camp, slaughtering several diggers being bested in battle the expedition Ardeth declared the Medjai would not kill leave Hamunaptra or die within the day.None of the treasure seekers had left the ruins, however, and Evelyn Carnahan unknowingly brought the cursed mummy Imhotep bringing down the plagues attachedhis The Medjai the expedition and informed the treasure seekers back evil not killed mortal The Medjai treasure seeker, Burns, the mummy Burns' eyes and tongue, the mummy kill Burns.

With the Medjai ordered the groups to leave the ruinsthe mummy destroy them the remaining treasure hunters reached Cairo, Burns killed Imhotep in filtrated the city. Seeking answers, the others allied Burns the Cairo Museum of Antiquities to speak Dr. Bey, whn matters concerning the mummy, and Ardeth Bay conversing Dr. Bey.Appearance and Traits.

"If I were to say to you that, "I am a stranger traveling from the East, seeking that which is lost"...
Then I would reply that, "I am a stranger traveling from the West, it is I whom you seek."
Ardeth Bay and Rick O'Connell reciting a Medjai saying.[src]

The Medjai warriors unheard of many centuries, even past the fifteenth, and operated in total secrecy. While one Medjai organization twelve tribes of Medjai appeared on, being numerous to army. Women train Medjai warriors, revealed the young woman warrior Yanit the Medjai Medjai training began warriors the desert, and sworn to stop of Imhotep to power. Additionally, the Medjai tasked the duty of protecting Hamunaptra against treasure-hunters and thieves. The Medjai guard over might present danger the wrong hands, the Book of the Dead to such artifacts the Holy Grail.

Attire and weapons Edit

Many Medjai warriors given facial tattoos placed on their forehead and cheeks in hieroglyphics (bearing the name of "Imhotep" and the word "truth"). The dark robes grey sashes, bandoliers, turbans and Medjai to fight blades firearms, and skilled in one-on-one combat; the warriors often rode horses the deserts and took their foes surprise whenever able.


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