The Mummy 5516-IC5A X 205 "Well, who is it?
"He That Shall Not Be Named..."

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–The organ grinder thanking his monkey for the coins, The Maze

Organ grinder
Biographical information

800px-FrenchFlag.svg French

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organ grinder

Behind the scenes
First appearance

The Maze

Latest appearance

The Maze

This organ grinder was a simple Parisian organ grinder in 1934 A.D whose pet monkey had been used for evil by the cursed mummy Imhotep.


One night in Paris, France, the organ grinder stood below the Eiffel Tower, playing tunes for his monkey to dance to, collecting a few coins as he did when the cursed mummy Imhotep found the organ grinder and summoned the beast within the monkey, turning it into a monster. The organ grinder's further fate is unknown.


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