• Rug
    Want to share something that's just been posted on this wiki, or congratulate somebody for an outstanding contribution? Want to talk about management? Stop by during your journey in the Arabian Desert and let us know!

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    Last post by Mantiix 08:10, July 18, 2016

  • SultanCsbah
    Welcome to the Sultan's Casbah, here in Cairo! Down your glass of bourbon, with shots of bourbon and bourbon chasers, and join in the discussions…just watch out for pickpockets, drunken pilots and the odd hooked Medjai!

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  • 16143835. SX540
    Welcome to Fort Brydon, meeting place of the commanders of the Medjai. Here we can discuss our treasured wiki and bring it to life.

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    Last post by A FANDOM user 16:46, September 19, 2017

  • Museum
    Greetings! If you really want to know something and don't prefer to just shoot us, pay us a visit and ask the curator what you want to know. This forum operates as our wiki help desk.

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