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Bernard Burns wearing spectacles.

Quit playin' with your glasses and cut the deck, would you Burns?.
Without my glasses I can't see the deck to cut it, now can I, Daniels?

–David Daniels chiding Bernard Burns on cleaning his glasses during a poker game., The Mummy

Spectacles, also called glasses, are a pair of lenses worn over the nose for the purpose of augmenting one's sight.


Spectacles were made specifically to correct faulty eyesight for both near and far-sighted individuals. As well as being needed by some for seeing their surroundings, spectacles were also used for reading. Bernard Burns wore wire-rim bifocals due to his own poor eyesight and Evelyn Carnahan wore reading glasses when performing close-up work and when reading, though she did not fully need them.[1].


Notes and ReferencesEdit

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