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The Ten Plagues of Egypt were a series of curses placed upon the people of ancient Egypt in retribution against the Pharaoh for refusing to release the Hebrew slaves, the people of Moses, a man charged by the Hebrew God with the task of liberating the Hebrews.


In ancient times, the Pharaoh of Egypt had enslaved a great number of Hebrews for such purposes as the construction of monuments. Moses, being a Hebrew, had been sent by the Hebrew God to request a three-day journey to worship God, to which the Pharaoh refused. Moses pleaded with the Pharaoh to release his people, but as Pharaoh would not, Moses was granted the power by God to release ten plagues onto the land of Egypt, each worse than the last if only for the Egyptians, sparing the Hebrews from the plagues, until such a time as the Pharaoh finally admitted the Hebrews' freedom.

The plagues were well-remembered by the ancient priest of Egypt and employed in the Hom-Dai, a curse so horrible that it was never used out of fear of the condemned returning to life: should a victim of the Hom-Dai arise, he or she would bring along the ten plagues of Egypt with them.

A single known blasphemer was cursed with the Hom-Dai: the High Priest of Osiris, Imhotep, for attempting to resurrect the murdered Pharaoh Seti I's deceased mistress Anck-Su-Namun, and in time, Imhotep was unintentionally brought back to life by the librarian Evelyn Carnahan as she read from the Book of the Dead, bringing with him the ten plagues as well. Upon Imhotep's leaving of Cairo, the plagues ebbed and were no more.

List of PlaguesEdit

  • Plague of frogs- a great number of frogs would swarm through the land, into houses and on the streets, only to die, leaving great stinking mounds of frog corpses. In the year 1926, a number of frogs appeared in the necropolis of Hamunaptra coating the floors.
  • Plague of lice- Moses was to smite the dust of the Earth, turning it into lice that spread on, afflicting man and beast alike.
  • Plague of flies- a vast swarm of disease carrying, biting flies hit the land of Egypt, in houses and temples, swarming over all. In the year 1926, Imhotep, upon killing the Egyptologist Allen Chamberlain, released a vast swarm of flies into the streets of Cairo, plaguing all that lived there.
  • Plague of beasts of burden and livestock- throughout Egypt, all the beasts of burden and livestock, camels, horses, donkeys, and all others, simultaneously died at once.
  • Plague of boils and sores- the subjects of Egypt under the rule of the Pharaoh were all beset with boils and sores, afflicting the sorcerers of Egypt as well so that they could not counteract the effects. In the year 1926, Imhotep released a fog of poisonous air into the streets of Cairo, causing all that breathed it to choke, gag and eventually be subjected to his will, suffering from boils and sores as a side effect. (According to Jonathan, this is his favorite plague.)
  • Plague of hail and fire- Moses was ordered by God to summon hail and fire, destroying the crops, houses and buildings of Egypt. In the year 1926, the plague hit Cairo, raining down burning hail onto the land, burning innocents and destroying buildings.
  • Plague of locusts- a swarm of locusts was released onto the land of Egypt, devouring all the crops and plants of Egypt until nothing remained. In the year 1926, the first plague to manifest itself was that of the locusts, which hit Hamunaptra, coating those that camped in it in locusts. Evelyn tried to dismiss it as a routine population explosion of the Egyptian grasshoppers.
  • Plague of darkness- a wave of darkness coated the land of Egypt in darkness lasting three days. In the year 1926, the city of Cairo was subjected to the same darkness, brought on by an eclipse of the sun.
  • Plague of the firstborn son- Moses brought on the final and worst plague: all the firstborn sons of the households of Egypt would be killed, for a force not of Earth would enter the Egyptian households and take the lives of the firstborn sons away. The Hebrews were spared of this plague, for they painted their door posts and lintels in lamb's blood, preventing the plague from entering their homes.



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