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The Mummy is a platform game for the PlayStation game console and Microsoft Windows. A PlayStation 2 and Xbox version were planned, but were ultimately canceled, possibly due to time restraints. The game is based mostly on the first film in the The Mummy series, taking place immediately after Evie resurrects Imhotep. The game was released on November 17 2000 A.D, It was published by Konami Corporation and Universal Interactive Studios and it was developed by Rebellion Developments.


Ruins of HamunaptraEdit

You may have killed us all. You have unleashed a creature that we have feared for more than three thousand years.

–Ardeth Bay, The Mummy (video game)

Ardeth Bay addresses the player directly, saying that they have released an ancient evil fear for three millennia. The player then takes over as Rick O'Connell, who is situated in the catacombs of Hamunaptra and begins making his way through the tunnels, killing off thieves and taking any artifacts he can find. O’Connell then operates the opening mechanisms for the tunnel doors, wherein he finds more artifacts and more thieves to be defeated, with a new menace coming in the form of scarabs, which are burned away with the torch that O’Connell must light. Going further into the catacombs, O’Connell states that he has a bad feeling and makes his way into a pit, at which point a dried, raspy inhuman voice shouts in ancient Egyptian and mummies erupt from the ground, which are more challenging to kill than the thieves. After dispatching the mummies and escaping the pit, O’Connell goes in further to find more undead minions, these dressed in blue and gold trimmings and prove harder to kill than the mummies, requiring three strikes of the sword. These are defeated, however, and O’Connell encounters more grave robbers before going further into the catacombs, finding a room filled with some treasure pieces which are taken, before moving on to reach another corridor filled with mummies. In time, O’Connell reaches a sarcophagus that is opened, revealing a sword that shines blue. O’Connell then leaves the chamber.

Ancient VaultsEdit

Oh, what’s that?
This, this is for you. I had to, you know, face certain death to get that for you.
Hm, I wonder…
What…was that?
Evy, I think--
Jonathan, look what we’ve found! Rick, if you can find the two missing pieces of this hieroglyph we can open the door!
And that would be good because…
It leads to the hidden chambers of Hamunaptra!
Does it say anything about treasure?
Apparently, collecting the treasures of Hamunaptra bestows powerful magic.

–Rick O’Connell, Evelyn and Jonathan Carnahan find the means to open a door to the ruins. , The Mummy (video game)

Finding his way into a more brightly-lit tunnel, O’Connell retrieves more treasures and kills off more thieves eventually finding his way into a tunnel where he encounters more blue-and-gold clad monsters, these equipped with war hammers. As he gets past the spike traps and walks along the edge of the chasm, he runs into more mummies with hammers, but Rick fends them all off. Then he activates some gears to raise a pyramid to bring out the star key as well as killing more slave mummies. Then he fought more mummies on the corridor intersection. Finally, he is able to fend off more mummies with hammers. After successfully, surviving and looting the Ancient Vaults, Rick opens the sarcophagus, collects the stone fragment and heads out of there

Caverns of the NileEdit

Upon entering the chamber, Rick is almost instantly attacked by several mummies with war hammers, but Rick is able to fend them all off. Then he enters a corridor with trapdoor puzzles and fights more mummies on the edge of a cliff with a green watery lake. Rick then proceeds to next area and fights more mummies while avoiding quicksand pits and a crushing door. Upon grabbing the third star key, a hole breaks open but when Rick proceeds the hole caves him preventing him from going back. Next, Rick faces off against about a dozen of the mummies with hammers in a giant vast area with a small sphinx model. Once the fight was over, Rick reaches a dead end at first, that overlooks a green river, but a log floats by and Rick jumps on and surfs all the way to the final area. There, Rick fights and defeats the mummies that were equipped with swords and shields. After successfully exploring and surviving the Caverns of the Nile, Rick opens the sarcophagus, collects the final stone fragment and leaves.

Rick delivers the final stone fragment to Evelyn, but notices that the door doesn't open. However, when Evelyn reads the hieroglyphics on the three stone fragments, the door opens and Rick, Evelyn and Johnathan head inside.

Beni's DownfallEdit

Hall of ScarabsEdit

Exactly as it sounds, this stage contains Rick running from a swarm of scarabs. The gameplay in this section is akin to the levels of the Crash Bandicoot series, where the camera is facing you from the front, and you must outrun a certain enemy or obstacle while jumping over various hazards in your path. However, the camera is still positioned in a third person view from behind here.

The chase ends with a pillar falling over and blocking the Scarabs' path.

From here on, you'll proceed throughout a level just as any other. The stage ends when all Star-keys are collected, and Rick collects a golden mirror from a sarcophagus.

River of BloodEdit

Upon entering the area, and making his way through the blood lake, Rick fights off mummies coming after him, even when he readjusts the mural on the wall. After that, Rick immediately jumps onto a floating sarcophagus and surfs all the way to the next portion of the level. Unfortunately, when Rick opens the door, he encounters Imhoptep who immediately brings in mummies with bows and arrows, but Rick uses his guns and killed them. Then he fends off more mummies with swords and shields even after Rick collects the star-key and heads to the door. However, Rick immediately runs into more archers but defeats them again. Finally, Rick makes his across the river and killed several more swordsman mummies. After successfully making his way across the River of Blood, Rick opens the sarcophagus, collects the mirror and heads on out of here...

Storms of SandEdit

Swarm of GadfliesEdit

As soon as Rick enters the crypt, Imothep appears behind him and summons more mummy archers into the blood pool area. Fortunately, Rick was able to kill them all. Shortly after entering a hall, a swarm of gadflies immediately burst out of a wall behind him and start chasing Rick. He was able to lose them by jumping to a pit after grabbing the second star-key. However, as soon as Rick climbs out of the pit, several slave mummies spawn and attack him but were all defeated. While searching through the next part of the crypt, he faces off against more archers, while finding two switches to summon the next star key. In the next area, Rick makes his way across the river of blood killing more archers that were trying to impede his progress. He then had to dodge fire traps to activate switches and open the door, leading to the next room. The room was filled with weaving pillars and many slave mummies, but Rick was able to maneuver his way around the pillars and killing all the mummies. Once finished, he moves a couple statues to reveal some hidden treasure chambers. After successfully finishing his work in the Swarm of Gadflies, Rick opens the sarcophagus, grabs the last mirror and flees.

With the last mirror installed into the contraption, Rick and his friends realize that the door was not open. Luckily, Rick shoots one of the mirrors to open the door leading to the next chamber. Little do they realize something bad was about to happen in there...

Anck-Su-Namun's CryptEdit

Curse of BoilsEdit

Tombs of DeathEdit

Plague of FireEdit

Chamber of AnubisEdit

Temple of PriestsEdit

Looks like this place is ready to blow.

–Rick O’Connell in the midst of danger., The Mummy (video game)

Following his fall into the pit, Rick grabs a golden sword lying on the floor, which opens up a doorway, for Rick to access. He starts climbing up and is immediately attacked by some remaining mummy spearmen by accidentally knocking down a pillar. Then he adjusts a panel to reveal a large room and kills a few remaining swordsmans mummy in there. He then drops into another pit, filled with ghosts, and later reveals a passage with more ghosts as well but Rick fends them all off. Next, he enters another part of the temple and is attacked by mummy priests. While Rick continues through the tomb he is then attacked by a few more remaining mummy priests. Finally, Rick enters a lava filled room but there was no sign of any mummies or Imhotep, however, he had to run across a bridge that will collapse to the sacrificial alter. After successfully surviving the Temple of Priests, collecting all the treasure, lighting all the hieroglyphics, and killing most of the mummies, Rick grabs the final star key. The door opens and Rick heads on through ready to finish Imhotep off for good.

Imhotep's LairEdit

Well...this is it: Imhotep's chamber!

–Rick O’Connell about to confront Imhotep., The Mummy (video game)

Phase 1Edit

Imhotep is ready to kill Evelyn by stabbing his knife into her chest when Rick arrives, ordering him to "get his ugly face away from her." Immediately, Imhotep flies around the area throwing blue energy spheres but Rick avoids them and destroys the chains that were binding Evelyn.

Phase 2Edit

You saved me!
Not yet! This guy just doesn't quit!
We need the Book of the Living to kill him!
Jonathan has it!
I'll get the Book! You keep him busy!
No problem!

–Evelyn and Rick vanquishing Imhotep., The Mummy (video game)

Furiously, Imhotep attempts to slow Rick's efforts down by bringing ghosts and throwing more blue energy spheres; Rick is able to finish the remains of Imhotep's army.

Phase 3Edit

Jonathan shows with the Book of the Living and is relieved that Evie is fine. While Rick is fighting Imothep, Evie quickly reads the Book of the Living, to stop Imothep in his tracks. Rick is at first shocked that the book didn't kill Imothep, but Evie tells Rick that Imothep is now mortal. Rick uses his golden sword to kill Imothep thus ending the reign of terror. Immeadiately the lair begins to collapse so Rick, Evie and Johnathan ran out of the tomb.

Cairo (Bonus Level)Edit


Common EnemiesEdit

Slave Mummies- The most common enemies of the game. While they do not carry any weapons, they can attack by punching Rick.

Swordsman Mummy- They attack Rick with their razor sharp swords and block some of your attacks with their shields. Using guns is advised.

Spear-men Mummy- Similar to the swordsman mummy, except they carry spears and are longer range. They can also block your attacks as well. Again, using guns is advised.

Archery Mummy- These bowmen attack by shooting arrows. Don't try to run close to them as you will risk a lot of health. Use long range weapons against them is advised.

High Priest Mummy- They can burst out of paintings and attack Rick by rapidly shooting blue energy spheres out of there staffs. They're the least common enemies in the game.

Scarab beetle- While they are small and weak, they can still harm Rick by biting his heel. Listen to the squeaking sounds and attack them when they get near. In "Hall of Scarabs," Rick needs to flee from them, just like in the movie.

Spirit Mummy- These ghost-like mummies attack by coming out of thin air and punch Rick. They are immune to your guns, so using magical weapons or melee weapons are advised.

Tomb Robbers- Found in the first 2 levels, they attack Rick by using their hammers. They are very weak and can also give you access to secret areas of the level.

Medjai- Found in the Cairo bonus level only, they attack Rick with their swords. Don't use any melee weapons as they can block quickly and counterattack. Use your guns against them.

Mummies with hammers- They attack Rick with hammers like the tomb robbers, however, they take quite a lot of damage using guns, so using a machete or explosives is advised.


Beni Gabor (found in Beni's Downfall)- The cowardly traitor who works for Imhotep has stolen the book of the dead, and Rick has to reclaim. Throughout the chase, Beni will activate a switch that will release barrels that can kill Rick with one hit. After four rounds of the chase, Rick is able to corner Beni by punching him into the river far below, but loses the Book of the Dead to Imhotep.

Anck-Su-Namun (found in Anck-Su-Namun's Crypt)- The only female boss of the game, she is Imhotep's lover. Upon entering the crypt, she kidnaps Evelyn and spirits her away (wanting Imhotep to kill Evelyn to resurrect his lover), and then engages Rick in a battle. To beat her, run around her crypt, lighting up the tiles while avoiding acid vapor from the sarcophagus, tar pits and herself (touching her will result a one-hit death). There's also a Slave Mummy that will try and slow your efforts down. Once all tiles are lit up, Anck-Su-Namun is drawn back into the tar pit and dies.

Anubis (found in the Chamber of Anubis)- The Egyptian god of death. This statue was brought to life by Imhotep to thwart Rick's efforts of saving Evelyn. After Imhotep flees, the statue comes to life and proceeds to attack Rick. The statue can not be defeated by using any weapons since it has no health bar. You need to run away from it. Once the monster falls, quickly turn around and shoot the bugs that come out of him. Repeat this three times and the boss dies. His remains were seen in Temple of Priests at the beginning of the level.

Imhotep (found in Imhotep's Lair)- The priest and the main villain of the game. He has three phases. The first phase is to free Evelyn from the sacrificial altar while avoiding the blue spheres he shoots at you. In the second phase, he summons spirit mummies and throws blue energy spheres. Then when Imhotep is reduced to a mortal man, you can use any weapon to kill him. Defeating him makes you win the game and you get a closing cutscene from the movie.


All Hazards will instantly kill Rick.

  • Liquids and Quicksand- Rick can't swim in this game.
  • Fire- Jets of flame will fly out of walls or from the floor to fry Rick. There is a challenge where Rick has to escape the fireballs.
  • Crushing Doors- Some doors are automatically activated and will close immediately, trying to crush Rick.
  • Acid- A lot like flames except they mainly come out of walls.
  • Trapdoors- As long as you don't enter the pit, it remains open. However, it contains treasure and if you jump into it, it's going to activate a timer. If you're not fast enough to collect the treasure and escape, it closes on you.
  • Falling pillars- Rick needs to run pass or avoid touching tiles that have bones as it will crush him. Watch out for the ones that are rocking back and forth as you will know they will fall on you.
  • Spikes- Like acid and flames it comes out of walls and floors but only appears for a brief second.
  • Barriers- During the surfing levels, Rick needs to steer his log away, jump or duck to avoid getting hit and drown.
  • Falling blocks- Avoid touching tiles with black spots or risk getting crushed.
  • Gadflies- In Stage 8, Rick must run away from the swarm in order to proceed.
  • Sandstorm- In stage 7, Rick needs to run away to getting hit.



Pistols- Rick's default guns. While they do not cause a lot of damage to enemies, they can be fired quickly. Their ammo is identified as yellow boxes with a white bullet image on it.

Shotgun- Causes more damage than pistol but has a slower rate of fire. You acquire the weapon after beating Beni's Downfall. The shotgun ammo is identified as a blue box with a red shell image on it.

Lewis Gun- This gun has rapid fire and can wipe out a huge group of enemies very fast. You acquire it at the start of Curse of Boils. The machine gun ammo is identified as a black and white striped circle.

Amulet- This is a deadly bomb. Once you throw it, it explodes when touching a surface. Most enemies die with just one hit, but the ammo is scarce so you need to use it if you really need to.

Dynamite- Similar to the amulet, but it doesn't do quite as much damage. Do not run to close because even if the dynamite hurts enemies, it can still hurt Rick.

Machete- This weapon is good to slash mummy bandages and block attacks. Most enemies die in 2-3 slashes.

Golden Sword- The weapon is very powerful and kills enemies in 2 hits. You won't acquire it until near the end of the game.

Torch Stick-This weapon can block attacks, light paths or blue heiroglyhic squares. If Rick lights 8 blue heiroglyphic squares, he gains an extra life.

Other ItemsEdit

Ankhs- Provides Rick with an extra life. Note that if you collect it and you die, the ankh won't return.

Health vials- Resemble flasks, they can restore Rick's Health.

Star-Keys- Collecting those keys will grant you access to the star doors. If you pass the star-key doors, you won't return back to the original area, unless you restart the level.

Treasures- Four treasure chests make up one amulet. They are identified as Pharaoh's mask, golden box, tall thin vase, small wide urn, golden scarab, and a golden figurine.